UK Customs Academy courses going down well with students

customs academy courses approval

The UK Customs Academy’s comprehensive range of training courses for Customs professionals in the UK are going down extremely well with students, according to an ongoing feedback survey.

When asked whether they agreed with the statement, “The course objectives were met”, 73% strongly agreed and the remaining 27% agreed.

In response to the statement, “Following the course I have a much better knowledge of the topics”, 68% strongly agreed with the remaining 32% agreeing.

Steve Cock, a Director for KGH Customs Services, one of the organisations behind the UK Customs Academy, said:

“It is gratifying to know that the hard work that went into creating the UK Customs Academy for HM Government has resulted in a product that its students rate so highly”.

Following the successful opening months for the Academy, after its launch in September, we also spoke with two of the first students to go through the online training courses.

Lucy Meikle – a Customs & Logistics Clerk for shipping and forwarding company, W Knight Watson & Co Ltd – said:

“I enjoyed studying with the Customs Academy – I found the website easy to work with and the coursework easy to follow. I particularly liked checking my understanding with the end of unit tests and the fact incorrect answers are shown and explained to help you learn further.”

Lucy Masters – the Imports & Exports Compliance Manager at the Co-op – also said:

“It’s good that it’s done in bitesize chunks so you can explore specific topics and then can come back to it later and easily review what you learnt. You take tests as you go along which encourages you to ensure that the knowledge properly sinks in. It starts at a good level too – it doesn’t require you to have loads of expertise beforehand as you can start from a beginner’s level.”

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