Legislation Finder

Avoid the struggle of manual research, vastly increase your efficiency and mitigate the significant risk of overlooking interrelated provisions, non-compliance, penalties and unplanned interruptions to trade.

The Legislation Finder is a revolutionary web-based tool that enables users to easily navigate EU customs laws.

Its benefits are being enjoyed across a range of organisations including traders, government authorities, industry associations, service providers and consultants.

Legislation Finder is maintained by our experts to ensure new laws and general amendments are reflected as real time, and our satisfaction surveys consistently commend the intuitive nature of our platforms.

Benefits include:

  1. Easily searchable and accessible database of EU laws
  2. Links between laws and articles are visible through interactive infographics, including pop-up text with supplementary information
  3. Articles influenced by new or updated legislation are instantly visible
  4. Searches and legislation are available in 23 EU languages
  5. Easily switch between languages on search or content pages
  6. Search results appear with legislative context


Public and private sectors have been seeking ways to steer through the complexity of the Union Customs Code since its inception.

It must be read in conjunction with the Delegated Act, the Transitional Delegated Act and the Implementing Act in order to fully interpret the legal provisions.

The Legislation Finder, our revolutionary web-based tool, enables this complicated task to be completed with consummate ease.

A one-year user licence can be purchased for £250 and a two-year user licence for £350.

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