EU Customs Academy

Development pathway for EU customs professionals

  • Level 2: Customs Practice & Procedure Award
  • Level 3: Certificate in Customs Compliance
  • Level 4: Certificate in Advanced Customs Compliance (coming soon)

Following the success of the UK Customs Academy, we are now launching an EU Customs Academy for customs professionals operating in an EU context.

We have so far launched the Level 2 Customs Practice & Procedure Award and will be adding levels 3-5 qualifications in the coming months.

As with the UK Customs Academy, the EU Customs Academy will soon offer a full range of qualifications catering for all levels of experience in the EU customs sector – from school leavers to established professionals.

The Academy provides professional recognition to graduates as follows:

Level 3: Associate Customs Practitioner
Level 4: Certified Customs Practitioner
Level 5: Accredited Customs Professional

Level 2

Level 2 Customs

Practice & Procedure Award


Level 3 Certificate

in Customs Compliance

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