Commercial Invoice

A commercial invoice must be used when the goods shipped reflect a commercial transaction (i.e. the goods have been purchased by the receiver) and are for permanent export.

A commercial invoice must contain the following information:

  • Full name and postal address of the seller and the buyer with contact details
  • Number and date of issue of commercial invoice and the number of the order for the goods
  • Marks, numbers, number, kind and gross weight of packages
  • Trade description of goods in plain language and in sufficient detail
  • Quantity of the goods expressed in units normal in trade and their gross and net weight
  • Price of goods (article specific unit price and total price of the consignment) and currency
  • Discounts and grounds therefore; additional charges (i.e. insurance), if any – the discounts and additional charges should be indicated in the invoice only if they are mentioned and are fixed in the contract, otherwise, it will be difficult to confirm the prices indicated in the invoice
  • Terms (Incoterms® 2020) time and mode of delivery as well as terms, time and mode of payment
  • Country of origin of the goods (manufacturer name is not obligatory, but helpful)
  • Transport route and means of transport used
  • Reference to sales contract number and date
  • One original signed copy of the invoice is required, as well as a total of five copies.

You can download a Commercial Invoice template here.

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